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New fart eliminators are revolutionary charcoal flatulence pads. A farting noise and farts odor eliminator!

Finally, a fart pad eliminator solution for smelly flatulence! Now, you can prevent flatus noises and odors with our affordable patent pending fart eliminator pads!

For all of history men and women have searched for solutions to prevent or eliminate unpleasant body odors and noisy outbursts of smelly gas from flatulence commonly referred to as farting. Flatulence in public can be very embarrassing when gas escapes too quickly from the anus causing the anal canal, anus, and or buttocks to flap randomly creating humorously disgusting sounds as a precursor of noxious intestinal gas odors that may soon follow. The odor’s severity depends on the composition of the flatulence which varies hour by hour and person by person. The consistency of flatus is mostly sulfide and methane gases. Hence, the obvious need for a serious, noise and smell, fart pad eliminator solution made from activated charcoal carbon fiber is long overdue!

You can Finally Avoid the Social Embarrassment of loud, smelly Farting! Learn more with these 1-minute explainer videos.


There have been various attempts to solve or prevent this human social dilemma of farting. However, none have answered the need in such a way as to become an acceptable flatulence solution for the masses of humanity in a similar fashion as soap, deodorant, or toothpaste which are used daily by most of humanity. Amazingly, DiscreetZ has finally solved this dilemma of embarrassing sounds and smells from farting! Best of all, DiscreetZ' fart product solution is sanitary, affordable, comfortable and readily available. So, whether you have loud, smelly intestinal gas from a medical condition or diet induced flatus, now, just like using soap, deodorant, and toothpaste, your farting solution can be silent, fresh, and undetectable with DiscreetZ, rather than embarrassing at best or highly offensive at worst!

DiscreetZ No Risk 30 DAY 100% “SilentlyFresh” Money Back Guarantee!

These Infamously Funny Videos Helped Inspire our DiscreetZ Fart Noise and Smell Elimination Patent Pending Invention, Enjoy!


Flatulence Odor Control Products

1. DiscreetZ charcoal flatulence pads are highly effective noise and odor eliminators!

2. These flatus charcoal pads are an absorber, deodorizer, neutralizer and a fart silencing solution.

3. They prevent embarrassing, digestive, intestinal, bad gas sounds and smells caused by diet, irritable bowel syndrome - IBS, CSID, GSID, irritable bowel disease - IBD, diverticulitis, colitis disease, Crohn’s disease, incontinence, medicine induced gas, and other digestive disorders affecting leaky gut health which creates excessive flatulence.

4. DiscreetZ flatus eliminators use activated carbon fiber absorber-filters tucked snug in one’s buttocks to neutralize, deodorize, and eliminate flatus odors, while simultaneously working as revolutionary fart silencers!

We have all passed loud offensive gas, trying to let it out slowly! Now, imagine trusting your farts again – muted and with no odor! Take control, a DiscreetZ SilentlyFresh Filter is for normal gas; however, if your gas is nothing close to normal, you also need a PowerGas Absorber - it is up to 10 times more effective when used in tandem with your SilentlyFresh Filter.

PowerGas™ custom 3 - layer trusted reliability - Super Absorption CWDHA-4mm Density Activated Carbon Fiber Filtering for extreme intestinal gas emissions. Your Fart Elimination Kit includes PowerFart Absorbers, BONUS SilentlyFresh Filters, and double face tape for fastening filters to underwear as an optional flatulence odor pad, whenever an extra layer of down under protection is desired.

SilentlyFresh™ custom Multi-layer trusted reliability, High Absorption CWDHA Activated Carbon Fiber Filtering for normal intestinal gas emissions. Your Fart Elimination Kit includes SilentlyFresh Filters, A BONUS PowerGas Absorber and double face tape for fastening filters to underwear as an optional flatulence odor pad, whenever an extra layer of down under odor protection is desired.

Discreetz eliminates up to 100% of foul odor and embarrassing sounds. The Science: Intestinal gas under pressure follows the path of least resistance. So, if you sanitarily install a thin SilentlyFresh Filter - with a touch of lotion or salve up next to or slightly in your anal canal by pressing the filter with your finger, your gas will now pass silent and fresh!

No insertion option: For up to 95% effectiveness fold one PowerGas Absorber accordion style then tuck it up high and snug between your buttocks. We each have a slightly different anatomy, gas volume, and severity of odor. Simply experiment a little with your SilentlyFresh Filter and PowerGas Absorber for the best positioning to achieve your optimal silent and fresh farting results.

DiscreetZ are a fun, inexpensive ANTI GAG GIFT for special people in your life who need a serious fart intervention! We love happy customers who hold nothing back!

No Risk DiscreetZ 30 DAY “SilentlyFresh” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Learn more with these 1-minute explainer videos. You can Finally Avoid the Social Embarrassment of Farting!


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