DiscreetZ eliminates up to 100% of foul odor and embarrassing sounds. The Science: Intestinal gas under pressure follows the path of least resistance.
To fix Mild Gas, use your finger to install a round SilentlyFresh Filter snugly touching or inserted slightly into your anal canal, now gas will escape quiet and odorless. Smelly Fart Odor Eliminator
For Fixing Normal Gas, fold a rectangular PowerGas Absorber accordion style and tuck it high in your buttocks against your anus with no anal insertion, gas now passes silent & fresh.
When Fixing Extreme Gas, tuck a round SilentlyFresh Filter as a pre-filter slightly into your anal canal. Next, position your PowerGas Absorber folded accordion style snug against your SilentlyFresh Filter in your buttocks. You now have a highly effective dual filter system!
We each have a slightly different anatomy, gas volume, and severity of odor. Simply experiment a little with your SilentlyFresh Filter and PowerFart Absorber for the best positioning to achieve your optimal silent and fresh farting results.

Fart Eliminator Instructions



Helpful Information:
Use a small amount of salve or lotion for comfort; too much prevents filters or absorbers from staying in place.
Optimize, wearing tighter underwear helps buttocks hold filters or absorbers in place.
Experiment with positioning to optimize and maintain your silent, odorless results.
Don’t Flush – place in trash, wash your hands well after installing or removing.
Reusing – Carbon fiber is regenerative and can be effective over time; however, do not reuse due to sanitary risk. DiscreetZ recommends changing daily or sooner if soiling occurs.


Flatulence Odor Control Product Instructions


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DiscreetZ are a fun, inexpensive ANTI-GAG-GIFT for those special people in your life who need a serious fart intervention!
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Eliminating Nasty Smelly Farts

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